Music club work hours: Thursday 14:00-19:00

Target age: 7-26.y

Language: estonian, english and russian

Additional information:, 6531447

Vladimir Pavlov will be carrying out the lessons in the music club, his phone number: 56607475


Our band room can be used independently if you are using it for the purpose of learning, rehearsals or recording music. Independent usage of the our band room can be used from monday to friday within 14:30-19:30. Before use, the room must be registered by calling tel:  6531447, or write to us on our email: or our facebook messages. In order to register the following information must be provided: Name, Age, size of group and contact information. Usage of our band room requires a written confirmation that the rules have been read.



Our newly renovated band room is open since 29.03.2018. It is furnished with audio tech, musical instruments and the walls are covered with sound proof materials. In the band room we have the next following hardware: drum kit, synthesizer, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal microphone, computer, sound mixer, guitar amplifier. Our band room is open to any music lover from the ages of 7-26 for personal or guided use. In Põhja- Tallinna Noortekeskus (our youth center) we have a professinal musician Vladimir Pavlov, whos job is to show teenagers the world of music, to teach them different instruments and techniques, to support young musicians, bands and to collaborate with different youth centers, teenagers providing them a possibillity of performance in front of a crowd.


Band room rules:

Failure to follow these rules will result in appropriate consequences

  1. The band room and the assets inside will be used accordingly for spesific purposes (band room is used by music lovers for independent practise, rehearsals, learning or recording)
  2. In the band room you must wear slippers so the room would stay clean.
  3. Trash goes in the trash can/bin
  4. Each instrument goes back where you took it once you’re done playing.
  5. For the purpose of preservation usage of each instruments, computers, wire etc must be used with care and caution.
  6. Turning on the sound mixer must be the first thing, then speakers and other devices.
  7. Under no circumstances use maximum volume with the sound mixer, this can damage the mixer, speakers and it can result in loss of hearing.
  8. If you do not have knowledge how to connect something then you can use tutorials from youtube.
  9. If help is needed then you can ask a youth worker to help you out, we are happy to give you a hand :)
  10. Notify a youth worker if something has been broken or is causing issues then we can find a fix to the problem.
  11. If you wish you can take your own instrument, wire or drumsticks to play in our band room.




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