Our Inside Rules

1. The youth centers are welcome place for spending your free time. You can use youth center equipment, take part in events and in clubs / studios.

2. After entering Youth Center you put your name in the registration, as other necessary information.

3. Visiting for the first time the youth center, you can enter all clubs for free for three days. Later you will be charged according to the price list for the services.

4. Youth Center resources are used prudently and rationally, they can be later used for other visitors.

5. Hold registration of activities and procedures (computer, billiards and other games)

6. Be courteous and helpful to other visitors and youth workers.

7. Youth Center is not being responsible for your own personal belongings (mobile phone, papers, clothes, bags, keys, etc.).

8. Clean up by yourselves and put the used tools back into place!

9. Drawing are for paper, not walls!

10. Consider, when choosing the music. The music of participants is governed by youth worker.

11. If you want to film or take pictures of a youth center, then you need to ask the youth workers to determine if all agree.

12. If you notice anything unusual, dangerous (fire, flood, people act strangely, objects, etc.), please notify youth workers. Do not get yourself to act!

13. Do not touch, and take the things that do not belong to you! Found things lead to youth worker hands!

14. If you commited stealing of property, violation or breaking down, you have an obligation to return, replace or pay.

15. Youth Centre and its surrounding areas have banned smoking! Youth center visits are forbidden to take alcoholic drinks, narcotic substances, and those who consume alcohol or drugs, fail to stay in a youth center.

16. If you need help or have a concern, then you can safely turn toward youth worker.

17. Offer safely out of your ideas! Youth Center supports possible and appropriate, advice and support in your ventures!

18. You are invited to a youth center, but have to comply with the Rules of Procedure of staying here!

19. If you have any question, which do not reflect theese Rules, please contact the youth worker, who will get back to you with answers!