Tom Kasak

noorsootöötaja / IT-spetsialist

Svetlana Protasova


Richard Leht

noorsootöötaja / Sport

Taisi Metsaviir


Valera Klepikov

noorsootöötaja / Sport

Ilja Kazantsev

noorsootöötaja / IT-spetsialist

Andrejs Rusinovskis


Maris Pošlin


Our Team

Our staff is a great experience working with young people, we are open to all kinds of innovations. We offer young people the opportunity to develop their ideas, and most importantly, include the possibility of self improvement. Every employee has an irreplaceable role in our center.

Thanks to our clubs and events we are very diverse – from different styles of dance and martial arts, until the informatics and media. If you’re young and you want to prove yourself in some area, then our youth center staff will be happy to help you implement your ideas and dreams!

A person is young or old, depending on how he feels.

– THOMAS MANN (1875-1955)

Our Objectives
  • the increase of social activity of youth
  • the creation of youth clubs
  • arranging and conducting summer vacation
  • voluntary youth work and the development of tourism
  • to promote the culture and creativity of young people
  • the youth organization of the free time
  • seminars, conferences, round tables
  • promotion of healthy lifestyles